PreComb Collaborations

Collaborations are our key to success

PreComb collaborates with leading clinical research groups of reputable medical universities and cancer research centers. Our research partnerships enable us to directly tailor our technology to the specific needs of researchers, clinicians and patients, and to build a pioneering clinical network to advance personalized medicine based on our 3DTwin technology. It is our aim to create mutually beneficial partnerships based on innovation, trust and a shared vision to do more for each patient

Our key clinical collaborations include:

University Hospital Zürich, Switzerland

PreComb collaborates with Prof. Dr. Chantal Pauli and Prof. Dr. med. Holger Moch of the Institute of Pathology and Molecular Pathology at the University Hospital Zürich (USZ) to develop novel prognostic models for pancreatic cancer and sarcoma patients.

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Hopp Children's Cancer Center (KiTZ) of DKFZ, University Heidelberg and University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

PreComb collaborates with Prof. Dr. Olaf Witt and PD Dr. Ina Oehme to clinically validate the PreComb’s fully automated drug profiling solution (3DTwin™ technology) in pediatric patients. The “Hopp Children’s Cancer Center Heidelberg” (KiTZ) is a joint institution of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), the Heidelberg University and the Heidelberg University Hospital.


Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

PreComb collaborates with Dr. med. Arno Amann and Prof. Dr. med. Dominik Wolf of the Department of Internal Medicine V at the Medical University Innsbruck to explore the potential of patient-derived microtumors to predict the response of immune-oncological drugs.

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