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Committed to improve cancer patient outcomes

Our story

PreComb is a biotechnology company that is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to combat cancer. Due to individual genetic variations that affect responses to medications, PreComb has developed the 3DTwin® drug testing platform for drug discovery and therapy guidance. This platform is designed to identify therapies that lead to sustainable regression of tumors, providing a more personalized approach to cancer treatment.

Innovation for Pharma, Patients and Investors

PreComb is revolutionizing cancer treatment by connecting drug discovery and clinical practice through the 3D tumor model and 3DTwin® technology. We collaborate with clinical partners to provide physicians with access to various drug options, enabling personalized oncology and improved patient outcomes.

At PreComb, the team is passionate about developing innovative technologies that can make a real difference in the lives of cancer patients. With the 3DTwin® technology, PreComb is leading the way in personalized oncology, providing significant benefits for patients with cancer.

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A trusted innovation partner in personalized oncology

PreComb has formed a global collaboration network consisting of top-tier cancer research groups, working together to implement the 3DTwin® technology directly at their respective locations: