PreComb is developing new drug profiling solutions in precision medicine

For the patient

Each cancer is individual, and each patient is unique – choosing the most effective and well-tolerated therapy is not just a statistical task. Patient-derived 3D microtumors enable real-time functional drug testing and provide patient-specific information on the efficacy of cancer drugs and drug combinations for both inherited and acquired cancers. PreComb’s vision is to make functional drug testing available as a clinical routine to all patients, as well as antibiotic testing for infections.

For the physician

Current cancer treatment guidelines are largely based on the therapeutic outcomes of entire patient populations, but predicting individual patient response based on genomics or biomarkers remains difficult.
Functional drug testing supports treatment decisions with personalized and real-time data to improve therapy success and patient quality of life.

For the society

Cancer treatment is a major challenge for patients and society. New treatment options are promising for certain types of cancer, but they are expensive. PreComb develops technologies to optimally adapt the therapies to each patient for difficult to treat cancers to increase the success rates in cancer therapy. Only an efficient use of healthcare resources can lead to a maximum improvement in the quality of life of patients.