Meet the PreComb Team

PreComb was founded in 2018 by three experienced serial Entrepreneurs. Their deep and complementary expertise includes cell culture technology, tissue engineering, product development, data management, biopharmaceutical development as well as drug manufacturing, and laboratory automation. From their past leadership roles in Novartis, Alcon, InSphero, ESBATech, and Insilico Biotechnology, the founders bring in a wealth of experienc in innovation, talent and technology development, company build-up and operational execution.

Founders at a glance

  • More than 50 years in startup, biotech and global pharma
  • Serial entrepreneurs, 3 biotech companies founded
  • 2 major biotech exits led and supported
  • 20 years of expertise in 3D tissue models
  • >50 publications & 12 patents published
  • Technical development of commerical drug
  • Strong expertise in lab-automation, data science and AI
Jens Kelm, CEO

Jens M. Kelm, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Jens M. Kelm is among the pioneers and initial developers of 3D microtissue culture technology. He was founder, president and CSO of InSphero AG, commercializing one of the first physiological 3D models, assays and screening concepts. He is a co-founder of the Swiss competence center for 3D cell culture technologies (TEDD) and member of the steering committee of the 3D cell culture conference series 3DCC organized by the DECHEMA. Jens has published more than 50 publications and 11 Patents in the field. He holds a PhD in Biotechnology from the ETH Zürich.

Peter Steiner, PhD

Co-founder, COO and president of the board

Formerly, Executive Director and Head of the Production & Processes department of ESBATech, a Novartis company. He headed the technical development unit, responsible for process development and clinical supply for multiple global clinical studies. As a co-founder and member of the board, he successfully led the aquisition of Insilico Biotechnology AG by Yokogawa Electric corporation. Peter holds a PhD in Biotechnology from the ETH Zürich.

Peter Steiner, COO of PreComb

Olivier Mauti, PhD

Co-founder & CTO

Formerly Head of Lab automation at ESBATech and Novartis/NIBR – successfully built state-of-the-art screening facilities and data management systems for high throughput antibody screening. Olivier has strong expertise in data science, AI and laboratory automation. He holds PhD in Neurobiology and was working as PostDoc at Princeton University.

Thomas Wegmann​

Data Engineer

Thomas is an experienced software engineer and holds an MSc in Applied Computational Life Sciences. He is passionate about distributed systems, computer vision and building purposeful, easily maintainable software.

Kseniia Kikitina

Kseniia Nikitina, PhD

Data Scientist

Kseniia is a trained Computer and Data Scientist with a deep fascination for finding patterns and structures in complex real-world data. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Technical University of Dresden.

Micaela F. Freitas Misakyan, PhD

Research Scientist

Micaela is research scientist with a strong expertise in cancer cell biology and 3D cell culture technologies. She holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Geneva.

Micaela Freitas
Severin Manser

Severin Manser,

Laboratory Scientist

Severin is a trained scientist in cancer biology with expertise in molecular life sciences and cell biology. He holds a Master’s degree from the University Zürich.