3DTwin® Screen

The 3DTwin® Screen is the next-generation screening method designed to bridge the gap between ex vivo and in vivo drug response with unprecedented accuracy and precision. With a focus on scalability, versatility and translational capacity, the 3DTwin® Screen is the cutting-edge solution to current screening approaches that rely solely on dose-response curves. Unlike traditional methods, our innovative approach provides direct insight into the efficacy and potency of drugs at different concentrations, and more importantly, whether the tumor response is limited to just slowing growth or true regression.

Through our unique approach, we can predict clinical response with greater accuracy, distinguishing between progression, stable disease, and remission. This enables us to develop tailored treatment plans and personalized medicine strategies that maximize the potential for positive outcomes.
3DTwin Screen

The 3DTwin Screen is designed to support classical chemotherapies, targeted therapies, and immune-oncological drugs, whether used as mono-therapy or in combination.

3DTwin Screen

3D tumor twin model

Finding the right drug for cancer treatment can be a complex and challenging process. That’s why having an accurate and flexible tumor model is crucial. The 3DTwin tumor model is specifically designed to mimic the original tumor as closely as possible, providing clinicians and researchers with the most meaningful cell source for drug sensitivity testing and drug discovery campaigns. Our tumor model is not only flexible in terms of the cell source used but also retains the tumor microenvironment, including immune cells, enabling testing for a wide range of cancer therapies. The 3DTwin tumor model is the perfect solution for drug screening needs, whether testing chemo-, targeted, immune therapies or combinations thereof.

We recognize that obtaining fresh tumor tissue may not always be feasible, which is why our tumor model is designed to work seamlessly with patient-derived cell lines in addition to traditional cell lines. This adaptability ensures a smooth transition from drug discovery to therapy guidance without sacrificing precision, all while consistently delivering reliable outcomes.
3DTwins - 3D tumor twins


Traditional cancer therapies often come with unwanted side effects, but a promising new approach to cancer treatment has emerged in recent years. Immuno-oncology utilizes the body’s own immune system to eliminate cancer cells. One of the most exciting developments in immuno-oncology is the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors, but only a low number of patients respond to these drugs. This is where the 3DTwin® Technology comes in. By maintaining the immune system within the 3D tumor model, researchers can test the effectiveness of immune checkpoint inhibitors in a realistic and clinically relevant setting. This cutting-edge technology will become a key tool in our fight against cancer, offering tailored and effective solutions for each individual case. With the 3DTwin® Technology, we can improve drug development and patient outcomes and reduce the burden of this devastating disease. Harnessing the power of the immune system to fight cancer is the future of cancer treatment, and PreComb is leading the way.

A prerequisite for being able to test immune checkpoint inhibitors is the maintenance of the immune system in the model. Tumor twins prepared from fresh tumor samples have the capability to do just that.
3DTwins Immuno-drugs

Recent results from a proof-of-concept study with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) demonstrated remarkable success in achieving immune checkpoint inhibitor-mediated tumor remission.

Combinatorial drug testing

Combining different types of drugs has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to fight cancer. However, evaluating the effectiveness of drug combinations can be a tedious and time-consuming process. PreComb’s cutting-edge 3DTwin® Technology allows to directly evaluate whether two or more drugs have an added value, saving precious time and effort. With the 3DTwin Screen, researchers and clinicians can easily test and optimize drug combinations for maximum efficacy, leading to better patient outcomes.

3DTwin® combinatorial testing

Targeted therapies

With PreComb’s 3DTwin® Technology, researchers and clinicians can now perform unbiased testing to determine the effectiveness of targeted therapies, even in cases where targets cannot be identified or therapies have proven ineffective. The 3DTwin® Technology is designed to support clinical decision-making by providing a comprehensive screening platform that utilizes advanced technology to analyze a patient’s specific response to a range of drugs. This state-of-the-art screening technology can help drug developers to identify optimal drug combinations and clinicians to identify the best possible treatment options for their patients, reducing the risk of adverse events and improving outcomes.

3DTwin targeted therapies

A promising proof of concept was demonstrated by testing an RAF and an MEK inhibitor in various cancer models that showed distinct clustering behavior.


Despite their severe side effects, chemotherapies are still an important weapon against cancer. With the help of 3DTwin® technology, the different response of single and combinatorial chemotherapies can be shown, as exemplified by tumor twins derived from two patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

3DTwin® chemotherapies